As holiday guest you will feel hungry sometimes. Leipzig offers a huge variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping opportunities, etc. Here is a list with our favourites (click the small target marker to jump there in the map):

Eating nearby

Greek: Olymp Nice restaurant for eating out, but take-away too. We have never been disappointed so far ... Karte
Vietnamese: Da Lat More a snack-bar than a restaurant, hence the focus is excellent food (take-away too). Unfortunately they moved, now not that close anymore, but still worth it Karte
Italian: Fratelli Excellent food, nice atmosphere, reasonable value Karte
Nepalese: Chulo We have been there once, good food, however a bit slow (possibly better now, our visit was short after their opening) Karte
Döner etc: Bistro Petra Quite good for the quick snack Karte
Near-East: Casa blanca Really yummy, nice location, especially in summer (outside), oriental market next door Karte
Oriental again: Maza Pita - excellent food too Karte
Biergarten: Felsenkeller Interesting burger variations Karte
Cafe + Ice cream,: Cafe WB really good + really close, offers also cake, pastries, bakery to go Karte
Hungry at 02:00: Burgermeister (not comparable to industry burgers) Karte

Food shopping nearby

Our favorite bakery: Backerei Jänig unfortunately closed on Sundays and Mondays Karte
Another very good bakery: Dünkel excellent too, Sundays open Karte
Yet another bakery: Wendl good too, Sundays open Karte
Butcher: Schicketanz our favorite, claims to keep animals under acceptable conditions Karte
The Späti around the corner for the emergencies late at night, Sundays, ... Karte
When everything else is closed: Various shops (e.g. Rewe + DM) in the main train station Karte

Larger scale food shopping

Netto - the closest Karte
Konsum - a bit further away, but bigger selection. Across the road a recommendable Bio-Supermarket Karte
Rewe - next large super market, along with other shops and next gas station Karte

Pizza delivery?

Unfortunately our favourite pizza delivery service does not exist anymore and we have not found a good replacement yet ...

Eating out in Leipzig city

Our long-time favorites. Of course there are plenty or other places - if they are recommendable, probably we have not been there (let us know) ...

Ice cream: Pinguin Milchbar Karte
Hmm, maybe mediterrean: Luise Karte
Pub, music, party ...: Moritzbastei Karte
Sushi: Mr.Moto Karte

oder Sakura (more expensive, but really good)


A bit off-centre again: Herr Bergs Garten, pleasant atmosphere, good food


One of the best breakfast buffets and locations ever: Villa Hasenholz



The DDR Laden Karte
The Recycling-Museum - somewhere between flea market and dump Karte



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