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Since being mentioned the very first time more than a 1000 years ago Leipzig has developed as important trade centre, however the city as it is today has been formed primarily during two eras: The so-called "Gründerzeit" at the beginning of the 20th century left a lot of impressive buildings, both residential and industrial, hard to find elsewhere in Germany. After major destructions during WW II the GDR post-war-architecture focused more on functional buildings, however with some notable exceptions (if funds were available) like the Gewandhaus.

More and probably better historical details e.g. on the web site of the city of Leipzig, or, as usual Wikipedia.

Or, in short in the entrance area of the Neues Rathaus:

History of Leipzig
History of Leipzig


Already Goethe was excited, today there is the term "Hypezig" - though there is quite something on. Have a look at the architecture mentioned above, there is plenty of arts and culture (check out the Leipziger Kreuzer), gastronomy, markets, sports, nature - you name it (with the exception of mountains or real sea, unfortunately).


Our favourites:

  • The Zoo
  • The lakes, rivers, channels, ...
    • Jump in yourself? The Cospuden lake is the closest, but there are many more
    • Take a kayaking tour? There are a couple of rental opportunities close by
    • The floating coffee table
    • Something unexpected? Leipzig even has a harbour and the Elster-Saale-Kanal, which neither connects to the rivers Elster nor Saale
  • Pedal the city - luckily this is quite pleasant here - all flat, many parks and green areas, usually reasonable bike ways at street
  • View from the Uni-Riese (there is also a cafe on top)
  • The Völkerschlachtmuseum (even in winter)
  • All kinds of museums
  • A city tour by bus

Unusual ideas:

  • Hunting Handschwengelpumpen?  What is that anyway?
  • Leipzig from above
    • From the Uni-Riese
    • From the Völkerschlachtdenkmal
    • From the Fockeberg
    • From the Wackelturm
    • From the Bergbau-Technik-Park
    • From a balloon - there are various providers (of which we have none tested yet)
  • Leipzig from below
    • supposedly it is possible to book a tour through Leipzig's sewage system with the Leipzig water works (not tried yet) Tel 0341 9690
    • searching through the WWW you will find a few other options - admittedly not tested yet either (Grünauer Versorgungsschächte, Bowlingzentrum)
  • Home of the Gartenzwerg: the Kleingartenmuseum
  • The Spoon-family


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